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Dayton Carvers Guild

Dayton Carvers Guild, Dayton Ohio, was founded by a small group of men and women who share a love of carving and sculpting wood. The group grew and became one of the premier carving clubs in the nation. During the year, the Guild has guests at its meetings that present interesting information and demonstrations for this great art form. Since our members are at many different skill levels and create a variety of carvings, some meetings are set aside for carve-ins. At these meetings members bring their projects and get help from master carvers who are also members of the club. Many new and wonderful friendships are made in the carving and woodworking community and it is a great place for carvers of all experience levels to come and expand their knowledge of this art form.

While we do this to promote and improve the woodcarving art form, we also support the United Rehabilitation Services Center with donations and gifts given by the Dayton Carvers Guild. To help with the work that the United Rehabilitation Services do for the community, Dayton Carvers Guild sponsors Artistry in Wood, which is one of the largest shows in the nation. Carvers, woodworkers, and vendors come from all over the world to take part in this annual show. It gives the carvers and woodworkers a chance to display and sell some of their great creations. Many collectors and holiday shoppers have found this show a place to purchase unique items and it has become the destination every year for these visitors.

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